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The FJ Owners Club

Fudge Motorcycles and the FJR Centre

FJ Racer

The last 24 years I have been running the FJ Owners Club.

The club specialises in the Yamaha FJ1100, FJ1200 and the new FJR1300.

The club has its own workshops called Fudge motorcycles (FJ’s) and the FJR Centre (FJR1300), this is run by me along with Mark (aka Ernie) and Jake (aka Peg).

The club has its own spares and accessories catalogue and webs site (see links).

The club as normal club activates which include club ride outs and Tours. For over 20 years I have been organising overseas tours for the club from Norway to all the European states. The club tours are mainly camping events but the Portugal Algrave Tours are Hotels and Villa only.

Please take a look at the web site links to get a feeling of what I have achieved.



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The Clubs workshop has built up an excellent name with its quality of workmanship, its massive knowledge on this one make and its bonus of cheap parts and labour charges

Fudge Motorcycles specialises the classic Yamaha FJ1100 and FJ1200 models, most of this work is carried out by myself.

The FJR Centre workshop specialises in the service and maintenance of all Yamaha FJR1300’s and is run by Ernie.

Also we have an excellent Technician called Jake (aka Peg), he has been with us now for many years and have not only been working on both the FJ’s and the FJR’s but in fact any models under the banner of Cromhall Motorcycles.

The workshop prices both parts and labour are a fraction of your local tyre kicking dealer.



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I have raced a FJ1100 for the last 8 years in both the Forgotten Era (pre- 1989) and Pre-Injection class (pre-2001).

I have turned a Yamaha Sports Tourer of the 80’s (108 bhp) into a race winning bike with over 155 at rear wheel bhp.

My bike has even beaten the very best of the current race bikes.

If you visit the web site link logo you will go to a site which lists all the bikes modifications and its race achievements.



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