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30 Mile Road 'Algarve'

Here is a video of what the local call 'The Old Road to Lisbon'

I simply call it 'the 30 mile road'

This is a typical road around the hills surounding Loule. In this case the vid shows a 30 mile stretch (edited) with 298 bends.

These are not hair pin bends but tight twisty bends which are normally taken at about 40 mph. The road surface is new, no grave or mud plus NO traffic, so unlike anything you will see in the UK

30 Mile Road 'Algarve' portugal-view-bike3 FJ Club Tour Algarve

FJ Club Tour Algarve;

Steve Nash put together a short vid of his experience when he did a tour with the FJ Owners Club.

It also shows a lap around the new Portimao Algarve race circuit.